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Materials Joining

Epoxy Technologies - Engineered epoxies and adhesives for demanding applications

Crystal mark - Manufacturer and Supplier of Micro Abrasive Processing Equipment and Services

Trumpf Laser Systems - The Worlds Largest Laser Technology provider of Lasers and systems for Cutting, Welding, Drilling, Marking, Machining annealing. Nothing too small or too difficult

MacGregor Welding Systems - Fine spot resistance welding, percussive arc and metals bonding for the most demanding applications. Intelligent controls maintain process control where all others fail. The inventor of linear DC provides reactive feedback in the most difficult applications. A favorite of medical device manufacturers everywhere.

Coming Soon! - Precision Resistance Welding! Send Application requests Now to the Welding GURU!



PAS - Plastics Assembly with Ultrasonic welding, spin welding, heat packaging seal, and heat staking. Standard and custom systems.